Why Does Your Zero-Turn Need a SoftStart Clutch Controller?

It is about more than just operator comfort

Having smooth clutch engagement every time you turn on your PTO is nice.  Less of a teeth rattling jolt when you engage your blades would certainly make any operator happy, but that isn’t why your commercial mower needs a SoftStart controller.

Adding a SoftStart controller to your electric clutch reduces the mechanical load on the entire system, from the engine to the blades.  That means less engine droop on engagement, less belt whip, and less load on springs, pulleys, and spindles.  By adding a SoftStart you can significantly extend the life of deck belts and other mechanical components which will increase equipment life and reduce your maintenance costs.

GDI’s SoftStart clutch controller works with Warner or Ogura electric clutches and is ideal for larger deck sizes and high horsepower machines.

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