Now Live! NewGen Function Demonstration

July 31, 2014

We have added an animation demonstrating how to operate our N231 and N211 series hour meters.  To see how to cycle through available functions and res

GDI Announces D5N Series of Dual Gauges

November 21, 2013

GDI's D5N series of multifuntion gauges expands the capability of the basic dual gauge.  In addtion to all the features found in the standard dual gau...

GDI's New LCD Hour Meter Module

November 21, 2013

GDI has launched the MD100 series PCB mount LCD modules.  These modules mount directly to the circuit board and are easily integrated into dashes and ...

On Time Preventive Maintenance: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

July 31, 2013

Nothing brings work to a halt faster than broken equipment.  On time completion of a job relies on your equipment being able to complete its intended ...

GDI Adds LCD Voltmeter Functionality to NewGen Series Meters

November 13, 2012

The NewGen Series of hour meters already offered additional features like resettable timers, Flash Alert service alarms and an inductive tachometer.  ...

Video of Softstart Clutch Controller Now on YouTube!

October 29, 2012

Our engineers put together a video highlighting the functionality of our patented Softstart clutch controller.  The video shows the changes in the beh...

GDI Awarded Patent for Innovative Clutch Controller

July 17, 2012

Global Digital Instruments’s Engineering Manager Awarded Patent for Innovative Clutch Controller

 Sean Harnett has been awarded a US Patent for his d...

SenDEC Ownership Announces Formation of Global Digital Instruments LLC

June 22, 2011

SenDEC’s board of directors is proud to announce the formation of Global Digital Instruments, LLC(GDI).  The formation of GDI is a step forward in Sen...

SenDEC Announces NewGen Series Multi-Function Meter

June 17, 2011

New product is highlighted by more functions, more capability, and more options for equipment manufacturers

SenDEC’s NewGen series Hour Meter offers ...

SenDEC's Patented One Wire Technology Makes Engine Monitoring Easier Than Ever

May 25, 2011

The industry’s only one wire connection makes monitoring engine maintenance simple

Rochester, NY – November 7, 2007 –SenDEC’s unique one wire hook-up ...