How the VersaGuard Console from GDI Helps Spartan Build Their Brand
Spartan Mower on the front lawn of a business with VersaGuard consoleSpartan Mowers burst onto the Outdoor Power Equipment scene with unique machines that offer great styling, innovative features and unbeatable value.  Long before the first mower rolled off the assembly line Spartan was working with GDI to implement electronics that were as advanced as the machines they were building.  At GDI we are proud that every Spartan mower uses our VersaGuard console to display critical information, monitor key safety systems, and control functions like engine and PTO operation.
After this years GIE Expo we caught up with Mike Mitchell, Territory Sales Manager from Spartan to hear his perspective on how the VersaGuard console helps set Spartan apart from the competition. Here is what he had to say:

Why is it important for Spartan to use the VersaGuard console on their machines?

Spartan Mowers are known for its great looks, smooth drive, precision weight distribution and innovative design.  The VersaGuard console takes innovation a step further by giving the user much more information and function. 

What key features are most beneficial when selling to dealers?

Dealers love VersaGuard’s plug-and-play options like the built-in light on/off button as it allows them to sell more light kits. The console’s safety indicator lights are helpful not only for a customer who may not be familiar with zero-turns, but also for troubleshooting.  For example, if the handles are in neutral and the console is showing they are not, you know you have a bad handle safety switch. This illuminates a lot of customer confusion and dealer diagnostic time.   Dealers also love the simplicity of one wiring harness that controls the console and a lifetime warranty on the PTO switch.

What key features make the biggest difference when the dealer is selling those machines to end users?

The VersaGuard console is packed full of information and function in a simple design. It gives the end-user an additional level of security by allowing him or her to personalize a code, rather than having to use a universal key. They also love the features like oil change reminders, mowing hours in addition to engine hours, engine rpm’s and battery voltage. 

For more information on the VersaGuard console visit: VersaGuard Max Console

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