On Time Preventive Maintenance: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

broken gearsNothing brings work to a halt faster than broken equipment.  On time completion of a job relies on your equipment being able to complete its intended function.  Following a preventive maintenance schedule is a key step to insuring proper equipment function and reducing down time.  The old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” turns out to be a much more costly approach to doing business than most people realize. 

A high percentage of equipment operators only perform reactive maintenance: fixing a machine when something breaks.  Following this approach for maintenance only insures that failures will occur, it insures you will lose operating hours and money.  Not performing proper preventive maintenance also leads to more catastrophic modes of failure and more costly repairs. 

Even if you are not concerned with downtime, there is another reason to perform on-time preventive maintenance: a 12%-18% cost savings versus reactive maintenance.  Reduce the need for emergency repairs, expedited shipping for replacement parts, and days of downtime at a job site by following the prescribed maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. 

There are all sorts of tools available to help ensure service is performed on time.  Software programs and remote GPS monitors can alert your service department of required tasks.  There is an even simpler way to ensure on time service and it works for most any equipment: an hour meter.  Manufacturers have been including them for over half a century and the ones being installed today are a very useful cost saving tool.  Not only can you monitor your equipments operating hours, but you can install an hour meter with pre-programmed service alerts that tell you what service to perform and when. 

One of the most popular hour meters for small engine powered equipment is the NewGen series by Global Digital Instruments.  They come in a variety of mounting styles and they can be factory programmed to alert the operator to change the engines oil or perform any other preventive maintenance.  You can find more information on the NewGen series of hour meters at www.gdimeters.com. 

Whether you are a small business or global corporation you can save time and money with proper preventive maintenance.  Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

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