Beware of the Imitators

GDI Hour MetersCheap Hour Meters Can Cost You

Whether you are a contractor, a business owner, or a home owner the equipment you purchase is an investment.  One of the easiest ways to protect that investment is to perform on-time preventive maintenance and track those services based on the equipment’s run hours.  If the equipment you purchased did not come from the factory with one installed, adding an aftermarket hour meter is a great option.

Selecting an aftermarket hour meter should be simple, but the number of options at online outlets like eBay and Amazon can be confusing.  GDI invented and patented the one-wire inductive hour meter and we continue to be the world’s leading hour meter supplier.  Several manufacturers have attempted to copy our design, even going so far as to replicate our packaging.  Unfortunately for unsuspecting consumers one thing they cannot replicate is our quality.

In our 25 years of manufacturing hour meters we have refined our LCD screens, our processors, and our epoxy potting.  All of these refinements have led to a product that is highly functional, durable, and dependable.  The knock-off meters being sold on eBay list “20,000 hour standby battery life” which may sound good, but the reality is that is a battery life of just over 2 years.  GDI N110 and N111 series surface mount hour meters have a battery life of over 10 years.  That’s 87,600 hours of standby time.  What does that mean for consumers?  It means that you will have to replace that cheap imitation meter 4 times during the life of one GDI meter.  Doesn’t seem like such a good deal now, does it?

GDI hour meters are used by the most trusted power equipment manufacturers in the world.  Our hour meters are sold as aftermarket accessories by brands like Yamaha, Stihl, KTM, and Honda.  Want to be sure you are getting a genuine GDI product?  You can find them at the largest distributor of surface mount hour meters in the US:

Hardline Products
7766 SW Jack James Drive
Stuart, FL 34997
Fax: 805.581.0022

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