SenDEC Announces NewGen Series Multi-Function Meter

GDI hour meterNew product is highlighted by more functions, more capability, and more options for equipment manufacturers

SenDEC’s NewGen series Hour Meter offers functions that are not found in a typical analog hour meter.  The NewGen series has a larger LCD display with easy-to-read digits and more text capability.  The ability to display different text characters gives manufacturers the ability to select Flash Alert service alarms that are specific to their application.  These alerts display messages to the user when it is time for them to perform maintenance on their machine.  The NewGen meter can be programmed with up to 3 separate Flash Alert messages.

The NewGen replaces SenDEC’s current 807 series hour meter.  In addition to the features found on the 807 series, the NewGen offers an optional button on the bezel that allows the user to toggle through functions like a resettable job timer or DC Voltmeter and reset service alarms after the service has been performed. 

Like all SenDEC instruments the NewGen is fully epoxy potted, making it extremely resistant to moisture, heat, and vibration.  The display is polarized so it is easy to read under direct sunlight, and it does not fade even with constant exposure to the elements.

For more information contact Chris Roberts at 585-425-5965 or

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