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The all-new VersaGuard console represents a leap forward in technology for the outdoor power equipment industry. GDI has used our 20+ years of experience in manufacturing for this industry to create a product that is both highly functional and extremely durable. The VersaGuard console sets a new standard of features, performance and integration for outdoor power equipment.

Features include a solid-state PTO switch that exceeds 250,000 cycles, a keyless push-to-start ignition switch, a large multifunction LCD screen, 6 ultra-bright status LEDs, GDI’s patented SoftStart clutch control, and integrated accessory switches to control deck lift motors or any other high-current accessories. The VersaGuard offers OEM’s the additional benefit of a single point of connection and a simplified wiring harness which saves time and money on the assembly line.
  • Solid-State PTO
    An industry first, our unique PTO design eliminates electrical contacts for the longest cycle life available in the outdoor power industry. Our design eliminates arcing and has no contacts to corrode and fail.
  • Keyless Push-to-Start
    Enter a unique 4 digit code and start with the push of a button. With no key to lose and no cheap plastic tumbler to wear out or break VersaGuard offers consistent, reliable starting.
  • Large Multi-Function LCD
    The VersaGuard’s easy-to-read screen displays engine run hours, deck run hours, engine RPM, volts, and up to 5 service alarms. The LCD can also display fuel level for 1 or 2 fuel tanks. Full text capability provides a wide range of options for service alerts including change oil, change hydraulic oil, service air filter, lube, and custom OEM specified messages.
  • Ultra-Bright Status LEDs
    Instantly view the status of operating and safety systems. The VersaGuard console can alert the operator to potentially dangerous or damaging conditions. LEDs can be assigned to safety interlocks like the seat switch, neutral safety switch, and parking brake or to inputs like oil pressure, battery voltage or engine temperature.
  • Patented SoftStart Clutch Control
    Our patented SoftStart clutch control greatly improves the engagement of electric clutches. It decrease engine RPM droop on engagement, decreases mechanical wear and significantly increase deck belt life.
  • Single Connection
    Our single point of connection simplifies the wiring harness and greatly reduces installation time.
  • Available Bluetooth On-Board
    Make the most of wireless technology in an increasingly connected world. Transmit data about equipment usage, maintenance and status to a mobile device, or use the on-board Bluetooth technology to turn your smartphone into a wireless key.
  • Accessory Switches
    Integrated switches to control accessories like power deck height adjustment or headlights.
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